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School Gardens

Lower Columbia School Gardens
Lower Columbia School Gardens helps schools start and sustain dynamic, thriving garden programs.



School Gardens

Mindless Eating
Free educational materials that can be used in a variety of formal and informal educational settings.


School Gardens

Toolkit for School Gardens
The garden is an effective tool for promoting student learning, enhancing instruction and increasing community involvement.


School Nutrition Association

Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Good student health and academic performance go hand in hand. Information for a healthier school.


School Nutrition Association

Farm to School
Washington State has a strong network of public and private agencies working together to improve school food and establish links between farms and schools, and to introduce policies to support farm-to-school activities.


Dole 5 A Day and Your Classroom

National School Lunch Program
USDA National School Lunch Program provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day.


CDC: Healthy Youth GuidelinesCDC: Healthy Youth Guidelines
Strategies most likely to be effective in promoting lifelong healthy eating among young people.


Physical Fitness

Peaceful Playgrounds

Peaceful Playgrounds
See the many choices of activities available on playgrounds and field areas.


Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School
See how Safe Routes to School programs enable children to safely walk and bicycle to school.


Girls On The Run

Girls On The Run
Help make a difference in the lives of girls everywhere!


International Walk to School

International Walk To School USA
Join kids and families around the globe to walk and bicycle to school.


Presidents Physical Fitness Challenge

President's Physical Fitness Challenge
The President's Challenge offers programs just for educators: the Physical Fitness and Health Fitness programs.

Coordinating a School Walk for Diabetes

School Walk for Diabetes
Students learn the benefits of healthy living and community service, while earning P.E. equipment and medical supplies.

Smarter Lunchrooms: Subtle Solutions for Mindless Eating in Schools

Tobacco Prevention

Unfiltered TVNo Stank You!
An online destination where teens get can get real about tobacco.


Washington State DOH

H.E.R.E.: Health Education Resource Exchange Fact Sheets:

Tobacco Prevention


Physical Activity and PE




Thrive, with Kaiser Permanente